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28 02 2009

i did an interview with some of the cast and crew of the world unseen [film] and it’ll be in the south african big issue on march 6.

and i’ve moved this stuff and a whole lot more to



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25 02 2009

Cha-cha-cha-changes …

11 12 2008

Get Your Queer On has moved … latest interview is with the delicious Alix Olson.

Darkpop: does what it sez on the lid

17 11 2008

Months later and I’m still listening to Darkpop‘s “Golden Lillies + Mr Smith.” It’s on heavy rotation on my iPod despite the fact that in general, I listen to more male than female vocals. It feels so real and so raw, yet so melodically soothing at the same time. It’s one of those rare albums I am literally fanatical about, to a zealous degree. I do my best to force everyone I know to listen to it and although intellectually I know everyone’s entitled to their own opinion, I hate it if someone isn’t immediately impressed. Hi, my name is Ulla and apparently I’m a music fascist.

Michelle Breeze has a sublime voice – hopefully something that my fellow Sarf Efricans remember from Fetish days. What I love even more about Darkpop though, is the lyrics. My favourite song is still “40 hours,” where, as a working woman in London, she sings that she can’t believe they want, “40 hours and not my voice.” Me neither. “Night Bus” reminds me of some very sad, strange and surreal journeys – and not just the ones I spent on London’s night buses, back in the proverbial day. Her pure voice rises above the discord-grunge of “Kill This Love” and I defy anyone not to identify with that song. I get a sense of alienation from the album; a tale of somebody living in a foreign place, of an artist living at disparate levels. “Every day I become something else for someone …” – now that’s a statement I reckon most of us can relate to. “Dreams are heavy sometimes” haunts me so much I’d have it tattooed if I could afford it.

It’s the kind of album to lose yourself in and not care about being found again. Michelle on lead and backing vocals is also a very good idea indeed, It’s like being surrounded by something celestial and immensely soothing.

She must have metaphorical balls of titanium to be able to move from magazine covers here, to work in a shop in London and start all over again. The music hasn’t suffered at all. If anything, it’s soaring now.

You can hear Darkpop at their website and on Facebook – where you can also download “Fool” as a free mp3. “Wash away my dirty mind …” ahhh … please love it.

3 new interviews

13 11 2008

New interview with Melanie Lowe and one with Heidi van Kleeff here.

One with Richard Renaldi (photographer) here.

Out of the Woods

21 10 2008

Sheer Music Label Manager Melissa Conradie is also the lead singer of up and coming SA band Holly & the Woods.  I caught up with her online …

So the album is doing well, you must be stoked!
Yeah, the album has been doing really well, so stoked with the reaction!  We’ve put a lot of hard work into writing the songs and recording the album, so it’s great to see people love it.

What was it like supporting Eagle Eye Cherry? Did you meet him?
Supporting an international artist is always amazing. We did get to meet him and he’s the nicest guy! The one thing we always learn from the international artists, just like when we supported Shaun Morgan from Seether and Sarah Bettens from K’s Choice, is that no matter how much success you achieve, always stay humble and level-headed. Too many SA bands seem to get that “high and mighty” attitude when they achieve some level of success and it doesn’t leave a good impression with the fans who try to get an autograph or just say hi.

On a more queer note … what was it like playing Pride?
There’s nothing better than playing in front of over 8000 people who are waiting to start the march and are ready to have a big party! The vibe was awesome when we were on stage, especially being on just before the march started. It was also in a way special that we were the only band performing on the day.

In your opinion, should celebrities come out or are they entitled to their privacy?
I think that’s all personal preference. Some want to be private about their sexuality, while others are fine with having everyone know about it. I don’t think anyone should be pressured to make their sexuality known, just because they’re a public figure and are forced to now become a role model for the gay community. It’s a big responsibility to take on.
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Shooting Queerly

20 10 2008

Name, rank and serial killer … uh … number, please?
Samantha Davies, rank : tesseract.
Serial number THX-1138

You’ve been working with a film camera for a good while – apart from the obvious mechanical differences, what’s the impact on your art, as opposed to going digital?

There is a lot of sentimentality in film for me, I love emulsion and I love the feel of using 35mm film.  One of the biggest impacts of course is cost; never having alot of money often impacts how much work I can put out or print at any one time. It has become a lot easier since I started being able to scan work with a film scanner.

Another impact on my art is the ability to turn out prints quickly, as I lack my own darkroom facilities at home I either have to scan my negs or use somebody else’s darkroom. When I have some extra cash lying around, I’m planning to get an enlarger set-up in a dark corner of my bathroom, this should hopefully solve alot of my current problems. Read the rest of this entry »